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It's okay to be insane(Eyeless Jack x Reader)Part1
((Hey guys, sorry for being absent a lot i just recently got into writing fanfiction and i quickly made this which im going to continue of course v u v eyeless jack being one of my most favorite characters i decided to dedicate a series to him.
{Readers POV}
I was running running as fast as my legs could carry me, away from that hell of a place most people would call a home, your knife gripped tightly in my hand as i ran for your life. It had all started from the day you were born, an accident, surviving death, an accident, killing them accident.
{Third-person POV}
You were once a calm and lovely child, until one day your dad turned into an alcoholic, your mother a whore and your brother abusive, you don’t know exactly how it started but af
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I will love you 'til the end of time by thewittyarsonist I will love you 'til the end of time :iconthewittyarsonist:thewittyarsonist 29 2 Peridot | Steven Universe by Spencer-Bowen Peridot | Steven Universe :iconspencer-bowen:Spencer-Bowen 6,685 566 Steven Universe OC: Turquoise by Miss-Jazz-DaFunk Steven Universe OC: Turquoise :iconmiss-jazz-dafunk:Miss-Jazz-DaFunk 3,706 307 Cryaotic :: Late Night Club by Magntaa Cryaotic :: Late Night Club :iconmagntaa:Magntaa 287 44 FF SCHOOL PARODY-Cecil by shell0823 FF SCHOOL PARODY-Cecil :iconshell0823:shell0823 217 73 Dissidia Tidus is sooooo cute by ineedsomecake Dissidia Tidus is sooooo cute :iconineedsomecake:ineedsomecake 573 89 AU Firion x Tidus manga strip by ineedsomecake AU Firion x Tidus manga strip :iconineedsomecake:ineedsomecake 125 43 yaoi sora and riku 2 by ineedsomecake yaoi sora and riku 2 :iconineedsomecake:ineedsomecake 566 33
For Riku Lovers request
For Riku Lovers
Oneshot/short story
You stretched your arms as you went down the beach at Destiny Islands. Walking slowly to the waves you found someone waving to you and calling your name. You looked up to see Riku waving at you.
"Come on and swim," Riku shouted and you nodded.
You started to take of your clothes leaving only your bikini and dived into the water. You swam to Riku and smiled.
The silverette smiled back. Your gaze suddenly was locked on to his icy blue orbs and down to his chest. Immediately knowing what you were looking at, you averted your gaze, flushing.
"You okay," Riku said, suddenly worried, his hand was suddenly on your forehead. He was checking your temperature.
"I'm fine Riku," you say to the worried 15 year old silverette.
"If you say," Riku said.
Suddenly he grabbed your arm, plunging you and him both in the water. Both of you swam crossing reefs and fishes of every color. They darted and swam about covering you and Riku in an array of colors. Both of you the
:iconanimeluver222:animeluver222 71 34
For Riku Lovers...Pt. 2
For Riku Lovers…Part 2
Note: Once Again, I refer to you, the readers, as "I" for awesome and intense story writing.
  Laying in bed, cold and barely dry, I buried my cheek into my feather pillow.  I had thrown my flip flops to the side and left my dress on, even though it had wrinkled up on the way home.  
   After I had cried alone on that beach for a few minutes, I took my heavy body onto mine and Riku's boat and rowed my way back home; Riku could hitch a ride with Sora and Kairi for all I cared.  As my arms pushed and pulled at the oars, the large gray clouds finally exploded into a light storm.  The atmosphere just made my mood feel worse.
  I'd immediately headed for my room when I got home and threw myself onto my bed.  I was so furious with Riku.  His cruelty to those that love was unbearable and stabbed relentlessly at my heart with sharp daggers.  The fool…the FOO
:iconiamthemarvelqueen:iamthemarvelqueen 89 21
For Riku Lovers
For Riku Lovers
A/N: Just so you know, the first part is sort of in Riku's POV.

Riku ran his hand through her hair, enjoying its softness, and he sighed contendly. Her eyes were closed, as she smiled from her place in his lap.
Riku leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips, and her eyelashes fluttered open, slightly startled, before she kissed back. Riku deepened the kiss, and she sat up to run her fingers through his hair. Pulling away for air, Riku drew small circles between her shoulders, and she...

"RIKU! RIKU! RIKU!" A loud, very, very loud, voice woke Riku from his dream.
"What now Sora?" Riku groaned, not bothering to sit up.
"We're going to the beach! Come on! What's so fun about sleeping in for an entire day?" Sora asked, pulling the covers off of Riku, and dragging him out from the bed.
Riku just sighed and thought back to his dream, before he looked out the window. It was mid-afternoon already?
:iconchoco-chuu:Choco-Chuu 147 18
We all know we have our heroes of Kingdom Hearts. Sora, who desperetly searches over all the worlds to find his two friends that he cares for dearly, and is the known hero. Many say Sora and Riku fought for the heart of our seventh princess, Kairi. Others say Riku was just competitive and Sora was the one with feelings for Kairi. Most will not know the truth while others can only hope. The only ones being Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a girl everyone seems to forget about. A girl who waited for her two friends, and one crush, to return to her on Destiny Islands.
Over the years when the Islands were consumed and released of the darkness, this girl was blessed with a good heart that saved her from being wiped from existence. Soon, when all turned back to normal (Name) patiently waited, never forgetting her beloved friends are to return. Every day she would walk out and wait on the beaches staring out to sea. Whether it was by the water or on the Paopu tree, rain or shine she would be there, hol
:icongoldenxdreamer:GoldenxDreamer 146 36
for Riku lovers
In case you didn't already know, I'm referring to you, the reader, as 'I'.
I walked down a stretch of the beach on the Destiny Islands. I'd moved here three years ago, it was only supposed to be temporary. But I found it to be increasingly home-like. I'd never felt like I belonged anywhere, but the people were so friendly, I couldn't bring myself to leave. And then, there was Riku. He was so amazing. All that he'd done, him and Sora, Kairi too. And I will admit, I've had a crush on him for almost all of the three years I've been here.
The three of them instantly befriended me. We were inseparable, every weekend, we'd all have a bonfire down on the beach, and tonight just happened to be that night. I looked up at the sky. It was getting dark, so I started walking to the area where Riku and Sora had piled some driftwood and Kairi had set marshmallows on sticks. People said only kids do that, not true!
I love marshmallows, especially when they're nice and golden, so I smiled. But t
:iconmarluxiasutcliff116:MarluxiaSutcliff116 111 21
For Riku Lovers
You were sitting in a small rock overhang; it was kind of a hide-out for you, because no one usually found you there. You were watching Sora, Riku, and Kairi build a raft, you giggled softly as Sora and Riku fought over what to name the raft, they had decided to race. They were racing around, Riku in the lead. You had had a crush on him since you two first met, but you were extremely shy. "Alright, Highwind it is!" Riku said, satisfied that he had won. You cheered silently in your mind for him. Secretly, you grabbed a rock and engraved '_ x R' on the stone wall. You silently climbed out of your hiding spot, picking up a stone; you walked over to the water's edge and attempted to make it skip above the water, but it just landed with a loud splash.
"You're doing it wrong." A voice sounded from behind you.
You paused and turned around; Riku was there with a smirk on his face. "Here, let me help you." he placed another stone in your hand and wrapped his arms around you, a blush was slowly
:iconmysterykittenthe1st:MysteryKittenThe1st 116 22
For Axel Lovers
You sat on a bench in the park reading, not really paying much attention to your surroundings. The sun began to set and a cold breeze blew, causing you to shiver. A man with flaming red hair plopped down next to you and offered you his scarf. His hair was spiked back and his poison green eyes hid whatever reason he was offering the piece of cloth. He had the strangest markings on his face. Upside down purple tear drops. One under each eye.
"I don't need it. I don't get cold easy." He stated as you started to shake your head. He sighed and put it on you anyway. It smelled of him. A burnt cherry wood smell. Very sweet and enticing. "Name's Axel, got it memorized? I know your name. See you here everyday."
"Guess that means you're here everyday too."
"Its a good place to relax. And to see a beautiful sight." He smirked. You blushed and thanked the author for letting it be hidden behind the scarf. He started to leave as it was getting dark and the street lamps were coming on. You went to pu
:iconcalming-thoughts:calming-thoughts 138 78



i can finally post stuff again after how long lmao.

I'm alive so dont worry


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im very inactive and i apologize, if you unwatch understand and i wont hold anything against you, im very disappointed in my art skills and i know i can do better, everything you see is utter crap in my eyes on my blog, i may or may not continue posting art and or fan-fiction so bear with me my people, you friend yaya


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